The Search for a Motivational Speaker

Despite having planned all the way through, a group of like-minded people will almost definitely hit a state of stagnation. In this state, they are unable to move forward, and they are paralyzed by the stale information that they have. It can be frustrating, and in fact, most people would give up at this point. In group psychology, it has been found that brainstorming is better if it is done individually and then assessed in a group. Brainstorming as a group creates an atmosphere that is not conducive to creativity, mainly due to the social constraints a group creates.

A group would often fall to what psychologists call “group-think”, where the individuals in a group tend to think similarly, and polarized thoughts are shunned. Therefore, ideas get to bounce around again and again. Soon it turns stale, creating that sense that a meeting is “going nowhere”. Many businesses have failed because of this, and when a group is stuck in a situation such as this, the only way to move is to move forward. However, with stale information and lack of details, even moving forward becomes highly challenging.

What these groups need is the right information. With information, these groups get power, and they are able to push forward by conquering the state of stagnation.This is an age of saturated information, where a lot of people and companies claim to have the correct answer. Looking through the clutter of information, it can be said that there are a lot of conflicting views about almost everything. Due to the internet, anyone can claim to be an expert, and this causes the dilution of actual experts in the field. What people need is correct information, and what they need is the right person to share that information. They need a person who can discern whether or not something is valuable.

Motivational SpeakerFor a group to receive that kind of quality information, they need someone to deliver it to them in a way that is relevant to the times. Information that is not easily accessible can be extremely intimidating. This kind of information may even hinder a group to move forward due to it being hard to understand. It is true that with knowledge comes power, but without the understanding of this knowledge, it is rendered useless. Any group seeking to move forward with fresh new information needs someone to guide them through the sea of unintelligible details. The best person to do this is a motivational speaker.

A is an expert in this general field. He has a bird’s eye view of almost everything, and he has the necessary information to help a group move forward. However, it can’t be just any motivational speaker. Again, in this day and age, many people claim to be experts. Many people claim to be good motivational speakers, when in fact they do not have the charisma necessary to pull it off. A motivational speaker must have the charm, the wit, and the humour to deliver intimidating information in a light, customized way. That speaker must be able to tailor the information so that it would fit the group he is talking to. It is good to know a lot of things, but it is only wise men who can discern which of these things are valuable or useful.

The right keynote speaker is difficult to find, but the search is over. Influence expert Garrison Wynn knows what is valuable. He can show groups what other successful groups have done, and he can lend a helping hand. He delivers results-driven information with professional humour, allowing an easier understanding of intimidating concepts and difficult ideas. But he won’t stop there. Most motivational speakers simply deliver numbers and details that everyone else has used. Most motivational speakers will talk about the methods that every other group has done to walk the path that everyone else has walked on.

If a group wants to innovate and in fact change the world in their own way, they will need a motivational speaker who understands this.

Garrison Wynn goes above and beyond what is usual. He moves through the ordinary and shows the unlimited possibilities that are open for groups that want to forge their own paths. Each program is special, and delivered with a specific group in mind. His areas of expertise include leadership, customer service, employee engagement, sales, communication, diversity, education, team building, and health care.Garrison Wynn knows success. Garrison Wynn can help groups win.

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