Tips to Consider When Purchasing Custom Lanyards

If you’re buying custom lanyards for the first time, do not worry, we’re here to help you out. Our company prides itself in providing customers with reliable products at affordable prices and in having the finest customer support team in the industry. We offer high quality lanyards in different styles, colors and material, with different attachment options. We also have badge holders which you can get together with your lanyards to complete the setup.

But if you have little knowledge about lanyards and unsure as to what to do, we’ve come up with a list of tips to consider when you’re buying and customizing lanyards. This should help you determine whether the lanyard company can provide for the exact needs of your organization or not.Lanyard

Identify your needs

Before overwhelming yourself with all the lanyard options online, identify what your needs are first. Are your lanyards going to be used as giveaways for marketing purposes? Or are they to be used by your employees within the company’s premise? It is easy to just order a number of custom lanyards and wait for shipping only to realize they are an overkill. Knowing your lanyard needs beforehand will give you a clearer picture of the right type and amount of lanyards to order.

Get a product sample

If you’re looking for lanyard companies, you will surely find a lot on the web. There may be many companies that sell custom lanyards but only a few sell real good ones. We know you want high quality products, and one way, and perhaps the only way, to check if the company sells quality lanyards is by asking for a sample. Any company that is proud and confident about their products will be more than delighted to send you a free sample. Through this, you’ll be able to see the quality and type of lanyard that they sell.

Beware of hidden charges

Once you’re on the website of the lanyard company, most often than that, you’ll see their low prices in big, bold digits. But don’t get too excited just yet, investigate first. Are the prices published on their site all-inclusive? You might end up paying much more than what you expected if you make impulsive actions. On top of that low low price, the company may charge you of setup/mold fees, dyeing fees, design services fee, taxes and all that shebang. And after everything is added, your bill becomes twice as much. Do not get enticed by these companies’ tricks. Many people will do everything just to make a sale. Be smart. Beware of hidden charges.

Ask for turnaround time

And so you ordered your custom lanyards last week and were promised that the products will be delivered within a week. But it’s been two weeks, the lanyards are nowhere to be seen, your company’s event is about to start, your boss is yelling at you, you are totally duped. Save yourself this trouble. Prior to signing any contract, ask the lanyard company for their typical turnaround time to ensure that the lanyards get to you in time. However, this can be tricky. Of course, the company will tell you they can deliver in time just to close the sale when in fact, they cannot. So in choosing a lanyard company to work with, you also have to ensure that they have good reputation in the business.

Research about the company

Any company will present themselves as reliable, hardworking and highly experienced. But how do you know if there’s any truth behind that? An adequate research will do. Use the power of the internet to search for reviews or blog posts about that company. Make sure they are legit. You can get no better recommendation than from those people who have ordered and used the product. By doing a little research, you can also have an overview of the company’s history and see if they’ve been around providing customers with good products and services. It’s a simple effort that can go a long way.

Consider your budget

Custom lanyards are usually cheap but if you want to add more features to the design and include other attachments, the supplier may add fees as well. Sure we all want great-looking, premium quality lanyards, but you have to consider your budget as well. It always pays to be more realistic and reasonable. Find the lanyard type that suit to your budget, but this doesn’t mean you need to compromise quality. There are many lanyard companies who offer good quality products at a more cost-effective price. By clicking a few links here and there, you’ll eventually find the perfect fit.